Art appreciation: Kate Alizadeh

Going to start something new on this blog. If any of you follow me on Pinterest, you'll know that I love collecting illustrations, photos, and paintings. I've come to really admire certain artists, and I want to devote a post every now and then to promoting, recognizing, and just enjoying their work. Sound like fun? :) This first artist is someone whom I discovered through Tumblr a few years ago and have admired ever since. I've seriously been known to spend hours staring at her blog with a huge smile on my face. Here are a few of my favourites (and it was really hard narrowing these down) from Kate Alizadeh. (Click the thumbnails to see full-sized images—you might need to scroll down a bit to find a few of them).

I think Kate's work strikes the perfect balance between whimsy and profundity. Her work a) reminds me of God and b) makes me smile—a combination that doesn't crop up in art often enough, I don't think. Her images encapsulate both the vast, spacious, awe-inspiring nature of the universe as well as its friendly, cozy, sheltering side. They capture the essence of what it means to be carefree. And she inhabits that sense of freedom in her drawing style—each line and stroke and splash of colour seems so uncalculated, unafraid...

She has a remarkable knack for giving character to the beings in her paintings, whether those are people, animals, stars, trees... each one is full of personality and brimming with storybook charm. I find the little blushing cheeks particularly adorable. :)

I love her multi-media approach, particularly the way she manages to layer so many textures and tones while still keeping things light and delicate. The organic lines add a lot of movement and make her images really come alive.

Her more recent work is a bit more minimalistic and retro, a little looser and quirkier, which I love. It's been really interesting watching her style evolve over time and watching her array of subject matter grow with it. It's become even more distinctive while still retaining its lightheartedness and that underlying sense of worship, awe, and unbridled joy permeating every line...

Hope you're as inspired as I am! Please do yourself a favour and visit her site, blog, & etsy. Till next time!

All images used in this post are copyright the original artist, and the thumbnails have been linked to the original sources whenever possible. No infringement intended; this post was created to promote the artist's work.

P.S. Happy Canada day to my fellow Canadians (and I can actually say "fellow" for real because I got my citizenship this year!) and happy early 4th to my US neighbors!



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