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I'm not going to post much for the next week because that's how long I have to read half a textbook and study for my last exam. After that, I have some plans for this blog that I'm pretty excited about. Until then, though, here are a few things I want to share with you...


If you follow me on Twitter or like my photography page on Facebook, this is going to be a bit redundant for you, but I have a new post waiting over at my photoblog. Here's a sampling...




I've got lots of photoshoots planned this summer, so you should see more posts there if all goes as planned.

Summer reading list

I've finally put together my book list for this summer. I'm probably only going to read 8 since I'll only have two months to get through them, but here's what I'm thinking of...

  • Miracles, C.S. Lewis
  • Blue Like Jazz, Don Miller
  • Little Heathens, Mildred Kalish
  • The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, Carson McCullers
  • All of Grace, Charles Spurgeon
  • Same Kind of Different As Me, Ron Hall & Denver Moore
  • The Pilgrim's Regress, C.S. Lewis
  • Emma, Jane Austen

Have you read any of these?


I've been absolutely enamored with Pinterest lately. I have almost 5,000 faves on Flickr, over 1,000 on Tumblr, and over 500 starred items on Google Reader. With Pinterest, I can sort the best of those beautiful, inspiring things into visual pinboards by topic, subject matter, and so on. The slightly-OCD part of me is thanking me (the part of me that's trying to study is not). Here's my account; if you want an invite, give me a shout!

My favourite song of the moment

Introduced to me by the lovely and talented Jocelyn.


If you want to drop a word or two in my askbox, I'm all ears. See you in a week! :)


Leaving Through the Window said...

Yay! I'm so happy you like that song! Anyways, I've read Blue Like Jazz... though it's not the greatest theologically it really changed my life ... actually that was the book I was reading when I rededicated my life! :) It definitely makes you think about religion in a new way! Miracles by CS Lewis is on my list as well! :) Let me know how that one is! :)


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