A few lines of gratitude

You've probably seen this clip already, but in case you've not, take a look. It's wonderful (even though it's one of those sneaky videos that turns out to be a commercial in the end).

This encapsulates everything I love about writing. I get a strange satisfaction from putting just the right words into just the right places, from trying on a hundred ways of saying something before finding a phrase that fits just right, from turning a simple sentiment into something powerful, haunting, lingering. And it nicely sums up what I love about blogging, too: thousands of people getting together to write about the same things—life, religion, world news, relationships, struggles—using different words... words that challenge, inspire, and spur into action. Writing's been making me really happy lately.

And while we're on the subject of happiness, here's a list of other things that have brought me joy recently (sorry; as much as I love writing, I'm a bit too lazy to write a proper blog post at this moment). Right now, I'm grateful for...

• The baby girl who laughed the whole bus ride downtown the other day. Put me in the best possible mood for my midterm.

• Watching Charlie Chaplin's 'City Lights' with my fam this weekend. Who doesn't love a silent movie night?

• Going to a movie theatre for the first time to see 'Jane Eyre,' a book I've reread at least five times, come to life with stunning cinematography.

• IKEA frozen pancakes.

• That feeling of wanting to burst into song during long bus rides.

• Filling out volunteer applications, and the challenge of putting into words what kind of difference I want to make in my city.

• A semester that started off feeling like my worst semester ever and ended up being my best semester yet.

• A city-wide "open doors" day happening soon. My camera and I are going on an outing!

• Half a dozen half-written blog posts waiting to come alive.

• The suddenness of a late spring rainstorm.

• Church, fellowship, and worship; every day becoming more and more knit into the body of Christ.

What's made you happy today?


Leaving Through the Window said...

Your blog is so pro! I really enjoy all of these posts so much! There's so many but I'm definitely going to try to read them all! :) I love this message, definitely a great reminder!

Oksana said...

Haha, thank you! I enjoy all of yours too! :) But please don't read the very old posts; they're really bad. :P


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