I'm determined to make this blogging thing work. I created my first blog when I was 12 and that fell through a few months later; I tried it a few more times over the years but couldn't keep it up past a year or so. (And I'm glad, because I just found an old blog of mine through the Wayback Machine and was thoroughly embarrassed... I don't think I could stand still having that stuff in my archives. But I'm grateful for the indulgent comments of my five or so regular readers... their encouragement kept me writing even though they must have cringed at what I wrote).

So now I'm on to my fifth blog, and have a long, free (read: jobless) summer before me—seems like a perfect time to take this up again. I think the reason I've gotten so intimidated by blogging in the past is that I've generally aimed to write deep, thoughtful posts on profound topics. But since there's only so much profundity I can tackle at a time, it's always gotten too hard to keep up the trend. So for this summer, I don't want to concentrate on writing 'deep' things... I want to make a discipline of writing, full stop. Short or long, trivial or deep, flowery prose or unrefined ramble—I just want to share, and not let my perfectionism or past posts hold me back from saying exactly what's on my heart at any given moment. Because as often as I quit, blogging keeps calling me back... I just can't ignore or take lightly this opportunity to connect and dialogue with people all over the world. And speaking of dialogue, I invite you to send me questions, thoughts, and ideas that I can eventually respond to on this blog.

I also want to make these posts a bit more art-driven. I've been really getting into graphic design lately, and I would love to devote some more space on this blog to gathering together visual inspiration. And, I mean, I currently subscribe to 96 blogs... I can appreciate how much more appealing image-based posts are over long-winded text posts.

Lastly, I want to practice honesty. Blogs have produced some of the most powerful, inspiring, and healing perspective shifts that I've ever had, all because the writers were transparent about their struggles. I've become pretty tired of image maintenance, so this blog seems like a nice place to become more real, especially now that I've finally shared the URL with some of my 'real-life' friends.

So to sum all of that up, I want to give this another shot. I'm going to aim for about one or two posts per week to start with. Right now, I'm working on a post about drawing Jesus' crucifixion... still looking for the right words to describe that experience, because it was pretty powerful. And I'll also probably end up writing a gushy thing or two about the royal wedding, as much as I'd like to prevent myself. We'll see if good sense prevails. Stay tuned. :)

(And in case you need more encouragment, contact me contact me contact me).


Cait Kady said...

Dear Oksana,
Thank you for your comment - I agree about the overlooked art of scent :) and what a way to be able to wear it, too! It's a new thing for me and like a treasure every time I learn something else new about it.
Your post is wonderful, and I could echo most of it! (Definitely about embarrassing old blogs) A good perspective and I wish I had more motivation! I enjoy blogs so much and am not very dedicated to my own. Other things are more important but it doesn't have to consume time to be tended.


Oksana said...

Hi Cait! Thanks so much for stopping by here! :) I imagine it's got to be hard to balance newlywed life with blogging, and it's not a bad tradeoff to put blogging off sometimes. But the nice thing about blogging is that the more time you spend enjoying other important things in life, the more inspired and creative you become, and your blog just keeps on growing. :) "It doesn't have to consume time to be tended" -- yup! Love that.


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