breeze clingingly swings
from the tips of the stray
strands in her braids; unkempt.
she entertains little
shipwrecked ghosts of thoughts
as minutes fly on the drafts between
the windows open in her mind.

sky: grey and gold,
clouds collide in the pulse of the wind
meeting, passing, melting into
a directionless sea;
an expanse
that feels almost like stillness
and almost like infinity...

and not a mollecule of it has forgotten
the dust it was drawn from
on that creation morning.
there they will all return.
and while she wanders here, forgetting,
the very stones cry out...

harvest overflows onto her feet
as she passes by, but her hands
remain empty.
yet something must have stirred,
for, tentative, a prayer emerges --
silently she speaks,

lift up my face;

her eyes turn to follow the wind's transparent tracks;

break the storm like bread over me
let the wine pour --
drench me in your sacrifice, my salvation,
overwhelm me --
wash the very shadows out from under my feet
and teach me

to remember where the soul belongs,
so thirsty

is she,
for the golden-gilded pages
she reads each morning,
for the red letters, and all those numbers,

and the spirit that inhabits all the lives
that You've whispered in between its lines.



Linda said...

Oksana, this was good. You yougsters certainly do have deep souls! (You and Abigail)

I don't think I thought this deeply when I was your age. (:>)

I am glad that Abigail encouraged me to join in on Monthly Monday Poetry, because I am enjoying it.

Mine may not be deep and I don't claim to be very good at it, but I find it a good release for my thoughts.

I am glad that you joined in today. I am blessed by your offering.

Linda @ Truthful Tibits

Abigail Kraft said...

Wow Oksana...this is definitely my favorite yet. Your visuals are stunning! I can just see it unfolding before my eyes. Absolutely incredible. Your passion is so apparent in this...keep it up!

Thanks for joining in! :)
In His arms,

Kaysie said...

Dear Oksana --
Wow... your poetry is simply stunning. My breath is stolen from my lungs every time I read your words. Thank you for sharing with us your God-given ability to capture and paint with your words.


Shutterfly said...

That is amazing!!! You are definately an artist with words.

Oksana said...

Thank you Kaysie and Shutterfly! :)


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