a dusty letter-box lies open;
_____________love notes rest in twilight's gauzy gleam,

valentines, and dry, forgotten roses,
_____________all faintly fragrant of a bygone dream.

she lifts them, inhaling the aroma
_____________that lingers like a kiss upon the words,

as tears stray through her downcast lashes
_____________and wet the pages,

_______________________________unseen by her.

lost in the echoes of her stolen moment,
_____________she clasps the paper memories to her heart;

her fingers tenderly smooth out the creases,
_____________longing to mend what has been torn apart.

at last, she stands up, sets the pages falling,
_____________despairing, vows to put them from her mind --

her letters lie there, in the tarnished moonlight,
_____________unread by her,

_________________________________for she is blind.


Written when I was 15. As I wrote this, I hadn't tried to infuse any sort of deep meaning into it: I just sat down to write one evening, and this came out. However, re-reading it now, I feel as if it's an allegory for spiritual blindness and how easy it is to miss God's love-letters in the midst of this unseeing world. I've reworked a few lines to make it fit this theme better.


Kaysie said...

Oksana, oh my, this is so capturing. I am like you, after I read it I thought of the correlation with us and God. His Word is sometimes treated like forgotten valentines that hold no meaning. But the words are still alive even if the page is faded and aged. What a picture.

(I don't know if this is what you meant in this poem, but it is what I thought when I read it.) :)

Thank you for sharing this. I was very blessed.


Oksana said...

Hi Kaysie! :) Thanks so much for your comment!

Yeah, the funny thing is, that wasn't what I'd meant at first... I was just in a pretty dejected mood and wrote something sad to express my feelings. But, rereading it two years later, I find a completely different meaning in it. It's amazing how God helps us to see things differently as we mature -- and even more amazing how God can turn a depressing, sad poem into something edifying that can bless its readers! :D

Abigail Kraft said...

Oksana...your poetry is so beautiful! It constantly leaves me breathless. It's so awesome how God can show us things that edify us in the form of things that we originally meant just to vent. Beautiful words, as always! :)

In His arms,

Oksana said...

Thank you, Abigail!


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